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 Weekly Bulletin

 Church Council Actions

Safety / Accessibility

— Armed intruder training for the congregation and emergency signage. Both complete
— Stairlift between first and second floor. Complete.

  Sustaining our Congregation

— Weekly Worship and Sunday School
— Create another opportunity for children’t ministry with the AWANA program beginning in the fall. 
— Update communication with the members and the community with an updated website and creation of an e-mail messaging system, “The Loop.” Both under construction.
— Update our current constitution to include electronic communication as an approved method of communicating to our congregation and other ELCA recommendations. Ongoing.
— Complete a financial audit and prepare budgets for 2019.  Planning stages.
— Continued improvement and maintenance of our church structure. Ongoing.


Outreach too our congregation members and the community through our worship services and community interaction:
— Weekly Lenten suppers. Complete
— Picnic and Plant a community garden. Complete.
— Christmas Bazaar and Dinner. First Sunday in December
— Bunco Belles and Euchre group meets monthly for fun and fellowship. Ongoing.
— WELCA holds Spring and Fall events for the church women. Ongoing.
— Ezra Men’s Group meets monthly for our church men. Ongoing.
— Women of the Way Bible study group meets weekly. Ongoing.
— Summer Vacation Bible School for our youth. Held in June.
— Collect and distribute items of many causes: Refuge of Hope, Domestic Violence Shelter, Hartville Migrant Ministries, Massillon Salvation Army, and the Massillon Back to School Program are a few of the groups to receive our assistance. Ongoing.
— Host the Columbia Lighthouse Project mental health event this fall. Currently Planning.