Church Council Boards

Mission Statement: Church Council’s mission is to serve and grow our congregation and reach out with compassion to our community.  With God’s grace and the prayers and efforts of our congregation, St. Jacob will move forward in our missions.  Our church council has prioritized our church’s missions and needs to be addressed into the categories of safety and accessibility, sustainability and outreach.


The Outreach Board assists people in need using God’s gifts.  We have a yearly budget of $2000 and generous congregation members who contribute to our projects.  At Christmas we collect toys for kids from homes with domestic violence and coats for all ages in need.  Two big projects just completed involved collecting items for a domestic violence shelter and filling 100 “Blessing Bags.” We frequently receive requests from agencies asking for financial support. We discuss each request and decide on the necessity. An amount between $100 and $150 may be sent to them. For more information contact chairperson JOANNE RODGERS


The Evangelism Board works to bring the church community and the surrounding community together. The board’s goal is to reach more people with Christ’s message and to help our church grow. We established a Community Garden in 2017 that contains 12 raised beds and is planted with tomatoes, peppers, and a variety of other vegetables.  We hold a Garden kick-off barbecue and a Garden harvest party for both the congregation and the community.  Evangelism sponsors a monthly Euchre tournament and helps implement our upcoming Awana program.  For more information contact chariperson Sean Kerr at


The Stewardship Board encourages congregation members to use their time and talents in service of the church.  They encourage members to think carefully about their donations of both finances and time. Stewardship Board is currently in need of a chairperson.  Please contact Pastor Williamson if you are interested at


Property Board works to maintain and keep our property and building up to date.  In the past few years Property Board has coordinated the installment of a new roof, a new heating and cooling system, restoration and repair of the chimney, and installment of a handicap chair lift.  When less extreme projects are on the horizon, Property Board ensures our building is up to code and in good repair.  For more information contact chairperson CURT PAPENFUS


Worship Board’s goal is to enhance the worship service to enable people to enjoy and appreciate their lives in Christ through congregations worship.  It oversees worship services and musical aspects of the church including the organist and choir.  Additional activities include securing Lectors and Ushers for Worship services and helping the organist choose hymns for Sunday worship services.  For more information contact chairperson Becky Foltz at

Parish Education

The Parish Education Board works with the Director of Youth and Family Ministries (DYFM) to plan and implement children’s education programs.  The Parish Education board determines things like children’s Sunday school curriculum. It also works to support and promote activities for children’s ministry. Parish Education Board is currently in need of a chairperson.  Please contact Pastor Williamson if you are interested at